Upon receiving an MBA from Bellarmine University, Dustin added more than one million square feet of completed transactions to Crossdock Development’s portfolio where he was Vice President of Sales for three years. Coupling his commercial development experience with sales, he then had a successful five-year career as an Advisor for Commonwealth Commercial Real Estate. It was there the opportunity presented itself to become National Sales Manager for an up-and-coming Automotive key and remote replacement company, Car Keys Express. During his three-year tenure the company increased revenue over 200% and more than doubled both their sales team and technician staff across the country. Upon his departure for River Ridge, Car Keys Express was operating in over 3500 dealerships in 42 states. For River Ridge he is the Director of Finance and Marketing and manages their global marketing program for the 6,000-acre business and manufacturing park. He also manages the authority’s financial functions and obligations.


Contact Info

Phone: 812-725-9966
Extension: 205
Email: Dustin@riverridgecc.com