JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (Feb. 17 2023) – The installation of the exterior walls (‘wall tilts’) of the latest 1,000,000+ square feet building at the River Ridge Commerce Center (RRCC) showcases exciting progress and highlights the successful efforts by the River Ridge Development Authority (RRDA) to spur development in and around the sprawling park.

“By continuing to place special emphasis on improvement and modernization, the River Ridge Commerce Center is quickly becoming a go-to destination for businesses of all sizes and industries to open up shop – right here in southern Indiana,” said RRDA Executive Director Jerry Acy. “We are proud to work with several nationally renowned site developers, including VanTrust Real Estate, to construct industry-leading facilities that attract new business, new jobs and promote future improvements to the Commerce Center and the surrounding communities.”

Known as Gateway 1000, the industrial project is a 1,022,055-square-foot speculative building set on more than 74 acres of land. When complete, Gateway 1000 will join Amazon and Medline as the three largest buildings (each 1,000,000+ sq. ft.) at RRCC. Moreover, the building will include 100 dock doors, with a ceiling clear height of 40 feet, and is expected to be completed this summer. In addition to Gateway 1000, VanTrust Real Estate has constructed two prior projects at River Ridge: (1) a 592,800 square-foot distribution facility, completed in 2018, and (originally leased by Ingram Micro) is now home to CEVA Logistics; and (2) Gateway 700, a 703,000-square-foot speculative building that was sold to CTDI in 2021.

“For over seven years, VanTrust Real Estate has been proud to partner with River Ridge to construct class A industrial warehouse space for companies looking to build a brighter future for their employees and boost their bottom line,” said Brice Harrison, Director of Development, VanTrust Real Estate. “It certainly is an exciting time at River Ridge – and VanTrust is equally as excited for what the future holds.”

In the last two years alone, RRCC has brought online more than 1.8 million square feet of business space and is expected to add at least another 700,000 by the end of 2023. Further, RRDA has committed to expanding and improving infrastructure in Southern Indiana by investing $150 million through 2022, with plans to spend another $200 million on improvements over the next decade.

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