Southern Indiana employers enjoy a competitive advantage with the region’s low cost of doing business and high quality of life. River Ridge knows and understands the demands of a modern workforce. Over 60 companies at River Ridge employ more than 10,500 employees.

Universities, colleges, and technical schools nearby in Indiana and Kentucky train a dynamic talent pool for technology, advanced manufacturing, engineering, business and logistics industries.

Talent Pipelines and Available Labor Market

These nearby job-training institutions include:

Many area K-12 facilities also offer career-ready education programs creating a pathway to jobs in IT, health, business and manufacturing. Companies at River Ridge leverage existing programs like Skill Up, 55,000 Degrees, Ford Next General Learning Program, and Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate to link a talent pipeline to their current and future businesses.

Both Louisville and southern Indiana are active in attracting skilled workers to fill the region’s growing workforce demands. The welcoming cities and towns near River Ridge attract and retain a vibrant workforce.