Governor Mike Pence made the announcement on June 12, 2013 that state and local partners will provide a combined $22.5 million in funding to complete the transportation corridor between the River Ridge Commerce Center and the Port of Indiana – Jeffersonville. The heavy haul corridor is the first in southern Indiana and will ensure that this area and the state of Indiana are positioned to maximize the possibilities for economic growth around the Ohio River Bridges Project.

“Indiana has distinct advantages in location, infrastructure, economy, tax structure and regulation environment. By leveraging a critical asset in the southeast corner of our state, logistically speaking, this commitment will keep Indiana moving in the right direction as a state that works for business,” said Governor Pence. “I’m someone who believes roads mean jobs.”

Scott Stewart, Port Director for the Port Authority of Indiana-Jeffersonville, said that the heavy-haul road would attract manufacturers to River Ridge and increase its marketability. The project will be especially attractive to steel and automotive manufacturers, because they need access to the port facility and River Ridge’s 6,000-acre site.

“There is no location in the state of Indiana and, dare I say, the Midwest like River Ridge in terms of its potential in creating opportunity for investment and jobs,” said Stewart. “The transportation corridor is a major opportunity for the Port of Jeffersonville and River Ridge but, most importantly, for the entire region.”

Funding for the project will be made by the Indiana Department of Transportation, who will contribute $11.25 million and a local quartet comprised of the city of Jeffersonville, Clark County Commissioners, River Ridge Development Authority and the Ports of Indiana – Jeffersonville will match dollar-for-dollar the state’s investment. The funding will purchase right-of-way for a road and rail transportation corridor and construct a heavy-haul road connecting the Port of Indiana – Jeffersonville and River Ridge Commerce Center to each other, as well as to the East End Crossing of the Ohio River Bridges Project.