JEFFERSONVILLE — River Ridge Commerce Center’s portion of the heavy haul road, built to connect the Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville to the commerce center, is complete in time for the east-end bridge opening, according to a news release from the center.

The road, called International Drive, stretches through the commerce center and connects the new Interstate 265 interchange to Ind. 62 and Logistics Avenue.

The road, which was completed Dec. 1, will help traffic coming off of the east-end bridge reach the Clark County commerce center.

“We know that roads mean jobs. I don’t mean road jobs. I mean you create the right infrastructure, you have the right vision, like we’re implementing today with this transportation corridor, you create the conditions where businesses do what businesses do, and that is they look for the best place to locate,” Gov. Mike Pence said in a statement.

Other phases of the effort, called the Transportation Corridor Project, will connect the Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville to the new interchange and River Ridge. Another phase involves the acquisition of rights-of-way for a potential rail road connection from the port to the commerce center.

The initial discussions for the Transportation Corridor Project occurred in 2010.

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