The River Ridge Development Authority continues its strategic focus on the future – and the immense potential for continued growth within and around the River Ridge Commerce Center.

To date, the River Ridge Development Authority has invested more than $150 million to develop about 35 percent of the Center. That investment has helped support the over 10,400 jobs at companies at River Ridge but also leaves plenty of room for additional companies to locate on the approximate 3,500 acres that remain undeveloped.

Much of the undeveloped land where the RRDA will focus future development efforts is located in two, key areas:

  • North End, near Charlestown, where about 1,900 acres are available.
  • Megasite, an 1,100-acre parcel in Jeffersonville that has been reserved for large, transformative economic development projects that could bring hundreds or thousands of additional jobs.

RRDA estimates it will need to invest an additional $250 million in clearing, sitework and infrastructure development to prepare the remaining land for new projects and expansions.