Jeffersonville, IN (November 4, 2022) – The River Ridge Development Authority (RRDA) recently convened a group of business partners, operations, facilities and human resources professionals, and a whole host of stakeholders to discuss important developments as well as opportunities and future plans for River Ridge Commerce Center (RRCC).


“The River Ridge board and staff have been extremely intentional in our efforts to have thoughtful, ongoing conversations with our partners,” said Jerry Acy, RRDA Executive Director. “It’s all about being a good neighbor and working together to continue to make southern Indiana stronger.” He added, “Through dialogue and teamwork, we can, will, and are creating a world-class industrial park that is transforming the lives and livelihoods of individuals, families, businesses, and the surrounding community every day.”


During his presentations, Acy highlighted the RRCC’s tremendous growth and the more than $150 million RRDA has invested in infrastructure improvement projects. From expanding water capacity to six million gallons per day (two million gallons currently) and installing streetlights and traffic signs, to increasing pedestrian accessibility and partnering with TARC to identify RRCC bus shelters and potential routes, Acy outlined the need to invest another $200 million in local infrastructure over the next decade, and the plan to bring two million square feet in new construction online in the next year alone.


Established in 1998, with a state-mandated purpose to replace economic revenue lost from the shuttering of the World War II era Indiana Ammunition Plant, today some 70 businesses call RRCC home, helping generate $2.5+ billion in economic impact.