An area of intense focus for the River Ridge Development Authority is expanding water and wastewater capacity. Several projects related to those efforts will be ongoing in 2022 and beyond including:

  • Design is underway for a 20-inch supply line to increase transmission capacity from the Watson Water treatment plant to River Ridge businesses. This project will add redundancy to the system and ensure continued availability of quality water.
  • River Ridge is completing construction of two, 1 million-gallon storage tanks. These new storage takes will come online in 2022, providing increased capacity and ensuring a consistent supply of water and pressure for River Ridge businesses.
  • RRDA is replacing outdated water lines that remain in portions of the Center, leftover from the former Indiana Army Ammunition Plant.
  • The cities of Jeffersonville and Charlestown are working with River Ridge leaders to determine needs for expansions of capacity at city-owned water treatment plants that serve River Ridge. Expansion of both facilities is needed to accommodate long-term growth at River Ridge and surrounding areas.
  • RRDA is working with a consultant to design a new sewer system, including new lift stations, force mains and individual collector lines to serve several hundred acres of undeveloped land.

Meanwhile, the River Ridge Development Authority continues investments in roads, utilities, rail infrastructure, and environmental and site clearing to prepare parcels for potential investors.

The Authority also is working with its new rail partner, OmniTRAX, to develop a master plan to collaboratively expand the road and rail systems at River Ridge and maximize opportunities for future growth.