River Ridge partners with quality utility companies providing direct benefits and competitive rates to local businesses. The Development Authority has made significant capital investments to ensure businesses have access to the capacity, redundancy, and reliability required to operate in a modern world.

The commerce center is now outfitted with modern infrastructure designed with advanced manufacturing, sciences, technology and logistics industries in mind. Our utility infrastructure, including reliable and fast fiber optics, an extensive water supply system, an on-site wastewater treatment plant, readily available natural gas and multiple on-site electrical substations make River Ridge an ideal industrial park for the most demanding of industries.

Through its partnership with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the River Ridge Commerce Center operates a state-of-the-art water treatment plant that currently supplies more than two million gallons per day to businesses from the park. River Ridge plans to expand capacity to six million gallons per day in the future with the ability to pull from an aquifer generating 100 million gallons per day. Through this partnership, businesses at River Ridge enjoy the benefit of receiving high-quality water at below average market rates.

Modern Infrastructure for Water, Electric, Natural Gas and Telecommunications