Over the last decade, an influx of successful start-up companies, along with homegrown talent, have helped Indiana emerge as a major tech haven in the Midwest. Information technology companies are set up to thrive and grow at the Technology Park space available at River Ridge.

Indiana has a steady stream of computing talent emerging from top ranking institutions such as Indiana University, Purdue University and Rose-Hulman School of Technology providing River Ridge companies access to a well-trained and eager workforce with advanced skill and talent.

In addition, Indiana’s reasonable cost of living and modestly low tax base offers an affordable lifestyle to tech workers. With these key ingredients, your company can stay connected to the information world while prospering in your own space. Your Information Technology facility will feel secluded and connected all at the same time, the perfect recipe to facilitate innovation and communication. Call us today if you are looking for a new Information Technology space. Let us show you all that River Ridge has to offer.

Information Technology Park Companies at River Ridge