Logistics companies easily make their homes at River Ridge, where the acreage, strategic location, access to various forms of transportation and more make it a prime location for the logistics industry. River Ridge is situated close to UPS WorldPort and is in the Jeffersonville Urban Enterprise Zone district. With acreage to allow expansion and utilities, incentives, and infrastructure unmatched in the region, logistics companies can find success here.

Logistics companies love having ground access nationwide and close proximity to leading parcel provider hub facilities. Most of the US population is less than a two-day drive from River Ridge for same-day and next-day delivery. Our location allows them to optimize their fulfillment operations, reduce transportation costs, access supplier bases, and increase the speed of delivery.

River Ridge houses fulfillment operations for e-commerce and logistics giant Amazon and is home to several major logistics partners, transportation services providers, warehousing and packaging facilities, distributors and material handling services.

River Ridge Commerce Center trucking activities

Logistics Companies at River Ridge