A 1,730-acre site at River Ridge Commerce Center in Clark County, Ind., has finally received a “megasite” certification, which will make it “more attractive” to potential developers, said Jerry Acy, executive director of the River Ridge Development Authority.

A megasite is a large, contiguous tract of land that’s marketed for major manufacturing or industrial developments, and the certification ensures potential buyers that due dilligence items have already been completed, so it will cost less to develop, the News and Tribune reports.

McCallum Sweeney Consulting officially certified the site, which has been advertised for automotive original equipment manufacturing, the story said.

Acy said that there have been some inquiries about the site but no serious offers yet. He added that if no single tenant buys the property within three or four years, River Ridge would possibly break the site down into smaller, less-expensive parcels, the story said.

River Ridge officials will be releasing more information later this week, the story said.

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